4th of July Safety Tips from Red Apple Fireworks®

Can you believe it’s already almost July 4th, #Pyrosquad? We’re STOKED!

As Independence Day comes ever closer, we at Red Apple® want to make sure you folks at home are prepared to have an amazing and safe 4th of July! We get a lot of questions throughout the year (and especially during this time of year!) from people wondering what the proper way to use certain fireworks are. Every year, dozens of people are seriously injured due to improper use of fireworks.

We’re looking at you, people who have Roman candle fights!

Which leads us to the first point: DO NOT HOLD ROMAN CANDLES WHEN YOU SHOOT THEM. And, pleasepleaseplease do not aim them at people, animals, cars, houses, trees, or really anything that isn’t the sky!

If you’re wondering what the correct way to light Roman candles is, we suggest using a mortar tube rack or even filling a bucket with sand and inserting the candles deeply so that they do not fall over. You can aim them to go straight up or at a 45° angle, so long as the trajectory of the firework does not end where anything can catch fire or be hurt.

Similarly, when lighting rockets, the best thing to do is put them in a rack. Because these are top-heavy fireworks, the chances of them tipping when placed in sand or directly into the ground is high. If you can’t find racks for purchase, there are some pretty great YouTube videos that explain how to make your own!

Most people are also unaware of the distance they should be from a firework when it goes off. For fountains, the American Fireworks Association recommends a safe viewing distance of 30 feet. For aerials, this distance is increased to 100 yards. (Which really makes sense when you consider just how big our GRANDE BOOMS are for our XL® aerials!)

Here are some more fireworks safety tips we suggest you take a look at!

  • Don’t keep fireworks in your pockets (think about what’s near your pockets. You wanna lose that over a firecracker?)

  • Please don’t shoot fireworks off of your body (we’ve seen pictures. We still get nightmares.)

  • Be careful when allowing children to play with anything that needs to be lit. Sparklers can reach a temperature of 2,000° F - the same temperature a house fire can reach at its peak.

  • If a firework seems like a dud, soak it with water from a distance, let it chill for like, 30 minutes, and then let it sit in water overnight to ensure that it won’t reignite. 

  • Use common sense! There’s a voice in your head no matter how much you ignore it that tells you if something is a dumb idea. Listen to that voice!

Last, but certainly the most important safety tip when lighting off fireworks is: DON’T DRINK AND LIGHT FIREWORKS! Some of the most serious injuries due to fireworks incidents occur when one or more person is inebriated. If you can’t drive a car, then you shouldn’t be playing with fireworks! Let someone else do it!

We want everyone in the #Pyrosquad to not only have the perfect 4th of July show but to also leave it unscathed, with only happy memories of your beautiful fireworks! Please stay safe, use your common sense, and enjoy Independence Day with your friends and families without making a trip to the ER! 

Happy July 4th, y’all! We can’t wait to see your shows!

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