Red Apple Fireworks® Introduces Pallet Load™ Stashes!

Thanks to the Red Apple® #Pyrosquad, 2019 is shaping up to be the biggest, baddest 4th of July season, yet!

With the incredibly high demand of all of our favorite fireworks coming to light in recent weeks, and with numerous communications from the #Squad asking about specific fireworks and their availabilities, we’ve come up with a fool-proof way for you to get your 4th of July Stash quickly and with zero hassle!

Thanks to our new Pallet Load Stashes, you can get your very own pre-curated show that you literally cannot mess up! Alls you gotta do is pick your fave, and you’ll get an entire pallet of some truly sick, awesome fireworks for less work than it takes to fill out a ReCaptcha form!

You like Brothers? Check this out!

What if you want an entire pallet of Red Apple Fireworks®? We got you, fam!

Red Apple® Pallet Load™ #2

Ready to party with the best red, white, & blue fireworks? The Patriot Pallet Load’s what you want!

Patriot Pallet Load™

And you know what the best part about the Pallet Load Stashes is? SHIPPING IS INCLUDED!

No joke - not only are you getting these amazing pallets shipped right to your nearest shipping terminal without having to tediously pick through our entire website to find the perfect aerials, fountains, and Finale Sets® for your 4th of July show, we’re making it more cost-effective than ever!

Click HERE to see all our Pallet Load Stashes today!

Pick your favorite (or two, or three! Who can pick between all these incredible deals?) and get them delivered without having to lift a finger!*

It’s never been easier to get your Stash for 4th of July. What are you waiting for? Get on it, #Pyrosquad! This deal won’t last long and July is almost here! 

*Disclaimer: You do have to lift your finger to click the mouse at least once.

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