How to #SetOffTheNewYear™ With the Perfect Fireworks Show!

A fireworks show is a lot like fine dining: you got your appetizers and cocktails (novelties and sparklers), soup and salad (fountains and firecrackers), the entreé (aerials), and dessert (finales). Everything in your show should lead into the next thing, ending with a grand finale that leaves you satisfied but still looking forward to your next meal at the restaurant.

That’s how we feel about fireworks, and that’s why we’ve put together some amazing Party Packages for your New Year’s Eve show this year! We did all the work for you and even came up with some pretty sweet pricing to go with it!

This year we’ve created 7 unique Party Packages plus a ton of  exclusive NYE sales just for your celebration! Now, let’s set up your show to create the perfect NYE experience for your family, friends, neighbors & whoever else gets in on the action! Don’t forget about safety!

Now, you can set up a show however you want. No one here’s gonna tell you how to do your thing. But for those of you who would like a little guidance this holiday season so you can create the best show using these Party Packages, we got you, fam!

First things first, it’s extremely important to note that even if you’re shooting off fireworks in the snow, it is still necessary to keep buckets of water and prepared hoses nearby. Just because it’s freezing and the snow is wet doesn’t mean things can’t catch fire - in fact, trees and homes are more likely to catch fire during the winter months than at any other time of the year due to the lack of moisture in the air. This also means that any fireworks you set off should be as far away from your home and any trees or shrubbery as possible.

Also, please be a responsible Designated Shooter if you are managing the show this New Year’s Eve. Fireworks and alcohol never mix. 

Make sure that neither yourself or anyone in your #pyrosquad refrain from drinking and smoking while using fireworks! Many fireworks-related injuries are due in part to being under the influence. We don’t want anyone to be injured this holiday season! Stay safe and sane, yo!

Alright, sweet! Let’s start the show!

There's nothing quite like a beautiful NYE show...

We have several packages for novelties and daytime fireworks that include items like Sumo Snaps™ and sparklers. [Please exercise extreme caution when handling even novelty fireworks, especially if children are using them. Did you know the average sparkler runs at 2,000 F°? Children are the most likely to need burn treatment from fireworks than any other demographic, mostly due to items like sparklers. Always be attentive!]

After the appetizer, we’ve got soup or salad! With items like Silver Spiral™ and Giant Panda™ Rocket fountains, we can guarantee that your fountains show will rock the socks off your audience even before the big stuff starts! [The safest distance for spectators watching fountains is 30 feet. Please use a long lighter (such as a grill lighter) when lighting any firework for your own safety.]

Aaaand now it’s time for the main course! The piece de resistance! Aerials, motherlovers! Arguably everyone’s favorite part of a fireworks show, aerials provide the pomp and circumstance necessary to perform an beautiful display. For your viewing pleasure, we have put together an insane amount of truly incredible aerials in our party packages. Some of our favorites include the Calavera Bombas de la Muerte™, the Red Apple® Ganja Killa, and the seriously awesome 3-layered Ghost™ canister shells. All these babies really pack a punch into any celebration! [When shooting aerials, please keep your spectators at least 100 yards away from the firework. Make sure if you’re the one lighting them that you also move away from the firework as quickly as possible and go join your spectators at a safe distance.]

Mmmm it’s time for that tasty dessert! We like to finish our meals strong at Red Apple® and we know you do, too! We’ve loaded our Party Packages up with some amazing barrages: the Red Apple® 300-Shot Special Effect Missile Barrage and the 750-Shot Missile Barrage Finale with Whistles. These are sure to end your show with a BANG! 

We always want everyone to have great fireworks shows while having fun! But we can never be too safe when it comes to a product that is literally filled with naturally explosive chemicals, it goes without saying that every firework has the potential to cause harm. Further safety tips from Red Apple® include:

  • Don’t keep fireworks in your pockets (think about what’s near your pockets. You wanna lose that over a firecracker?)

  • Don’t shoot fireworks at other people or objects (it’s all fun and games until someone loses an arm…)

  • Please don’t shoot fireworks off of your body (we’ve seen pictures. We still get nightmares.)

  • Don’t light off more than one firework at a time (you ever hear the Johnny Cash song, “Great Balls of Fire”?)

  • If a firework seems like a dud, soak it with water from a distance, let it chill for like 30 minutes & then let it sit in water overnight to ensure that it won’t reignite. Don’t forget - Red Apple® has a 100% No-Dud Guarantee! We’ll replace any dud at anytime! Just bring in your receipt and a picture of the dudded item.

  • Use common sense! There’s a voice in your head no matter how much you ignore it that tells you if something is a dumb idea. Don’t say YOLO when it comes to fireworks, or it may actually be the last time you say anything!

Thanks for tuning in, #pyrosquad. We know a safety talk can be kinda boring, but we want you and your family to have an awesome New Year’s Eve celebration! Let us know in the comments below if you have any other good safety tips! Have a great show and an even better 2019!

#welovefireworks® #litAF™

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