Live New Year's Eve Video: View Fireworks Shows In Australia, Japan, China, India, Philippines and Thailand!


Each new year presents burgeoning opportunities, chances, and hope for each person around the world. Although we all may have our own traditions and beliefs based on our unique cultures, there is no doubt that the wonder of each new year is a universal celebration.

In honor of this beautiful night that allows us to welcome change and pursue our dreams, we would like to share with you this amazing showcase of celebrations across the globe happening right this minute. This just goes to show that no matter where you are, who you are, or what you believe in, we all love ending our years on a high note and reaching even higher into the next!

Much ❤ from the Red Apple team - we will see you in 2019!

Fireworks show schedule:
1300 GMT – Sydney, Australia
1500 GMT – Pyongyang, North Korea
1500 GMT – Seoul, South Korea
1500 GMT – Tokyo, Japan
1600 GMT – Beijing, China
1600 GMT – Taipei, Taiwan
1600 GMT – Hong Kong
1830 GMT – New Delhi, India
1900 GMT – Karachi, Pakistan
2000 GMT – Dubai, UAE

Check out the live New Year's Eve show below!

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