June Boom™ Sale!

It’s the end of May...which means it’s time for June Boom™! From June 1st - June 30th, you can experience all new sales all month long! Enjoy awesome new arrivals, including:

Red Apple® Pixelz™ Festival Balls

Detroit Fireworks Company™ Great Lakes™ 77 Shot Standard Aerial Finale Set®

These and more will be available for the first time ever starting on June 1st!

There are tons of never-before-seen, brand-new-for-2019 fireworks that are available online and in stores this Saturday!

More than 60 fireworks are going on sale and more will be added every day through June so you are getting all your faves for the best prices and deals of the year!

Plus, with our sick shipping, you can have everything you want shipped directly to your door for as little as $99! 

Who doesn't love the sound of that? Get excited, #Pyrosquad! We’re stoked!

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