Customer Contribution: Fitting a Budget and Getting Maximum Effects

The reason we came up with the name #Pyrosquad to define our loyal and incredible group of fans and customers around the country (and the world!) is because we genuinely feel that every person who loves Red Apple® is a part of our family. We are so happy to have the opportunity to include so many people into our #squad, and nothing makes us happier or more appreciative than when you awesome pyros reach out and show us some love back! 

This blog is a very special customer contribution piece from our very own Chris Zeigler - a dude who we are proud to have in our #Pyrosquad!

Thank you, Chris! You #rockourblock!

The last week of April I picked up these for a little over $150 bucks. 

I bought four small but powerful 12 shot cakes, and a case with 72 rounds of 5” Chroma™ shells. Using the PYROscope app, I was able to review all the products and performances. It really helped me make a decision of what would work best for my buck. 

Bought a great mix of fireworks to put on a small but heavy-hitting show that will last a decently long time: 30 minutes, or so. 

Being a truck driver, I’ve been all over the states, and there are only two other stores that offer what Red Apple® offers. And wouldn’t you guess, they happen to be their sister stores in Monroe and Flint Michigan.

Thank you Chris! You made our day! 

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