Demo Encore Weather Update

Hey Red Apple® fans!

Here are some quick weather updates regarding our upcoming Demo Night Encore in Monroe, MI!

We know our June 1st Fireworks Festival was impacted by heavy rains, and we want to make sure you all stay updated on the upcoming weather as much as possible! 

If there is only light rain on June 22nd for the Demo Night Encore, the event will go on as scheduled! However, with this crazy weather we’ve had going on in Monroe, we will delay or cancel the event if there are heavy rains, thunder storms, or lightning. Be aware!

Keep checking on the current weather in Monroe through this Weather Channel link so you can be prepared in the days leading up to the Encore

Click here for Monroe weather info!

In the event that we have to cancel the Encore, our store will still be open and our Demo Night Encore specials will still be available all weekend long!

We can’t wait to see you all on June 22nd - fingers crossed it’s a beautiful night for fireworks!!

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