Chris Zeigler

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A Pahrump resident. Deliver Cars for a living (Carhauler) love to come home and ride off into the desert on my dirt bike with my kids. And have Always Had A Mad Passion for Fireworks. Oh and my dogs.

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It is certainly obvious PyroJim is well qualified for the job he holds and has that same passion for fireworks that all who shop and respect RED APPLE hold. Can’t wait to see everyone at the Demo

Sweet! When you guys gonna get those on your shelves?

Missed 2018 demo (work) but did have a great time reviewing some of my favorites before heading to Red Apple and buying some fireworks for the 4th

Luckily I stocked up on some of these 

Never seen color like this in artillery shells. Good little poppers 

Great 200g cakes

Missed this one, but looking forward to Demo night

Great effects, great color, awesome brakes 

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