See What Detonating the Biggest Firework in North American Looks Like

You'll get a front row seat to seeing what detonating off a 1,175 pound firework looks and feels like! Steamboat Springs in Colorado played backdrop to this massive explosion as it radiated out with an incredible power. 

The man responsible is Tim Borden along with this hard working and dedicated team. They spent 2 year constructing this, the largest fireworks shell in North America. Hundreds of hours of work, but it only lasts 10 seconds. But what a 10 seconds it is! 

Check out the full story and video below:

Even the crew admitted they didn't quite know how it was going to all unfold. 

To launch the shell, there was 58 pounds of black powder at the bottom of the mortar.

3, 2, 1 - the fireworks shell is airborne! Looks like the black powder did the trick.

It launches up further into the air and finally...

Detonates! With a significant explosion and bust of bright light - the team said, "that's the big one!"

Another angle from the detonation provides some details to the sparks streaming down.

The valley of Steamboat Springs is lit up from the radiating explosion.

See it all in action below!

Comment below and let us know what you thought of this 1,175 pound firework detonation!

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