Hey you crazy party people! It’s time to announce our New Year’s Eve Party Package lineup!

This year we’ve created 7 unique Party Packages just for our awesome #pyrosquad peeps who love to ring in the New Year with a bang! Let’s check out what we got in store for you all!

Party Package #1 - Party World ($18.00)

Party World is your one-stop shop for all things party related! Filled with streamers and poppers from Winda, this baby is perfect for all the New Year’s Eve celebrations you guys have got going on from beginning to end. 

Party Package #2 - Fountains ($43.00)

This sweet fountain package comes with 7 fireworks sure to entertain you fountain-loving folks. 

The first in this lineup is one of our favorite novelty items, Sumo Snaps®! If you haven’t had a chance to play with these cool dealios, now’s your chance! They’re BIG and LOUD and BETTER than any other popping firework on the market. They do really go off with a snap that you can see from a distance, so make sure you throw it far!

Next up: Dustup from Brothers. This fun little guy starts off just like your traditional fountain with some nice colors and effects like crackling and showers. Then it takes you buy surprise with a mini aerial twist! No wonder it made the cut into Party Package #2!

Silver Spiral™ is one of our favorite Red Apple® fireworks and is definitely my personal favorite fountain! The effects and colors are fun from beginning to end, lasting almost a whole minute in duration (which we all know is saying something about fountains). Plus, it actually spins! How cool is that??

Brothers’ On A Roll is a great fountain that starts off modestly and ends in a big way! Make sure you keep your spectators at the full 30-feet suggested distance from this one!

Ooh, Firehawk’s Flashing Paint is hot-hot-hot! The colors on this bad boy really shine through all its fun effects and really bolster our fountain Party Package in a great way.

Wow. When Giant Panda™ says “XL,” they really mean extra large. The Giant Panda™ Rocket Fountain stands at nearly chest-height! Stake one of these to the ground and you’ve got over a minute of crackling, stars, and showers in a multitude of colors. This is just my opinion, but the Rocket Fountain is the best firework to end your fountain show on a high note!

Last but not least, no fountain package would be complete without some awesome sparklers! You’re getting the best of the best with Red Apple’s® own 10” Gold Sparklers that can be used to accent your show or give everyone watching something fun to play with while you entertain them. 

Party Package #3 - Daytime Nevada ($77.00)

For all our Nevadans who wanna celebrate NYE before the ball drops, we’ve got a sweet daytime package deal for you!

You got your Sumo Snaps®, your Red Apple® Double Dragon 2 Daytime Parachutes™, Cannon Rainbow Parachute, Red Apple® 5 Ball Parachute Candles, Red Apple® Ripcord™ Parachute Barrage, and Brothers Captain Sam. 

With the exception of Sumo Snaps®, all these fireworks are known for their high-powered shots and pretty parachute drops. Whether you’re looking for a loud rapport or nice smoke colors, this daytime package has you covered, Nevada!

Party Package #3 - Daytime Michigan ($90.00)

Celebrate, Michiganders! We didn’t forget about you when creating our Party Packages this year. (How could we? You guys rock!) 

The daytime package for all our Michigan #pyrosquad peeps includes everything you see in our Nevadan daytime package with the exception of a Winda Confetti Cake that replaces the Cannon Rainbow Parachute. This awesome barrage fills the sky with streamers as it shoots up in the sky! And how pretty that will be in Michigan if there’s snow on the ground on New Year’s Eve? (Although, the good news is you guys are forecasted to have a beautiful, sunny December 31st this year! Perfect for daytime fireworks!)

Party Package #4 ($96.00)

Alright, here we go! It’s time for aerial packages!

First up in Party Package #4 is the entire Red Apple® Ancient 48-Shot Large Aerial Finale Set™. This comes with all three units: Anubis™, Sphinx™, and Scarab™. These are some truly awesome aerials with tons of colors and effects. Plus, with their long lifespans, these truly make this party package one to remember!

Next, we’ve got the Brothers Do or Die cake with 28 unique shots that are sure to make your audience “ooh” and “ahh” with beautiful red, green, blue, and silver brocades, tails, glitter, and so much more!”

If you like artillery shells with a loud rapport and some great colors and effects, you’ll be happy to see an entire case of Brothers Silver Beach 36-Shot Ball Shell Sampler!

This package also comes with a Red Label® Dream Wave™ 12-Shot Large Aerial that puts a lot of other cakes to shame. Specially designed for this brand, Dream Wave™ shoots like a dream and will really pack a punch in your New Year’s Eve celebrations!

No holiday celebration would be complete without Red Label’s® Cometa™ 38-Shot XL® Aerial! With gorgeous red and green comets that blaze a trail in the night sky amidst showers and crackling, this firework is not one to be missed!

And we’re stocking Party Package #4 with the perfect aerial finale case: the Red Apple® Assorted Neon™ and Assorted Glittering™ artillery shells and festival balls! Make 2018 a year to remember with this perfect ending!

Party Package #5 ($155.00)

Ohh, man! We’re really starting to step up our game with this package!

Check it out - a whole RAW™ lineup in Party Package #5 including the 10-Shot Red and Blue Peonies XL® Aerial, 10-Shot Vivid™ White Strobe XL® Aerial, and the 25-Shot Brocade Crown XL® Aerial! WHAT!

We’re also sending you home with our amazing F-Zero™ 5-Inch XL® Canister Shell Kit! This baby’s got a lot of firepower and comes with 24 shells and 4 fiberglass tubes. Cover your ears because these guys are LOUD!

Next up in this Party Package is an oldie but a goodie: Shotgun Wedding by Brothers! Watch this beautiful 500g cake go off with a multitude of colors and effects to really round out your aerial show.

Here we go! It’s time for one of our best sellers to add to your sweet Party Package deal - the Ganja™ Joints and Blunts™ Large Roman Candles! Light it up this New Year’s Eve with one of our favorite Ganja® fireworks!

Last but certainly not least, as the 10 Shots Roman Candle Flat Pack™ provides some of the best finale entertainment of all time, enjoy these beautiful shots in rapid succession to finish off your rad New Year’s Eve show! 

Party Package #6 ($249.00)

It’s starting to get super awesome up in here with Party Package #6! This bad boy comes fully equipped to giving you guys one of the best NYE celebrations ever! 

Check it out: We got all your Dragon™ artillery shells - red, gold, and black! Nothing lights up the sky better than these babies with multiple effects and colors. Get your show started off right!

The artillery shells are a great way to ease yourself into our next bad boy - the Calavera® Bombas De La Muerte™ 5 Inch XL® Canister Shell Kit. These colorful explosions truly ring in the New Year in a fantastic way and are sure to thrill your audience!

And no holiday fireworks show would be complete without the F-Zero™ 5 Inch XL® Canister Shell Kit with its crazy-bright red, green, and gold explosions that will make you feel like a professional pyrotechnic when they go off.

If you really want to feel like a pro, make sure you follow the F-Zero™ with the Ganja™ Killa™ 5 Inch XL® Canister Shell Kit! The effects of these shells are simple yet awe-inspiring with delayed tails that feel like you’re traveling through hyperspace. Live long and prosper with these amazing fireworks!

Missing summer already? With Smack Dab from Brothers, you can bask in the glow of these green fireworks fronds that recall images of summer nights in the middle of winter! 

This Ganja™ 30-Shot XL® Aerial is seriously incredible. Usher in the New Year the right way with Jamrock™, a firework sure to show up the New Year’s Ball with gorgeous colors and effects that sparkle against the night sky.

Next up, we’ve got World Class really classin’ the joint up, thanks to Chicken on a Chain and American Intensity! These are more great holiday aerials, both with red and green effects sure to dazzle everyone on the ground near and far.

What holiday fireworks aerial show would be complete without an awesome finale? Red Apple® has got you covered with this sweet 300-Shot Special Effect Missile Barrage™! This is perfect to end your show and welcome in 2019!

Party Package #7 ($385.00)

Awww, snap! It’s time to reveal our biggest NYE Party Package, yet! You can’t go wrong with any of these fireworks. Your audience will thank you for putting on such a great show!

We’re setting you up nicely with some great Brothers fireworks to get your audience fired up! Between Smack Dab, Zonkers, Paydirt, and Blonde Joke, everyone will be warmed up and stoked to watch these amazing aerials:

  • Calavera® Bombas De La Muerte™ 5 Inch XL® Canister Shell Kit

  • Our UV® 4 Inch Large Canister Shell Kit offers bright neon effects with a great rapport for a perfect addition to your show.

  • UV® Nexus™ 12-Shot Large Aerial for a dazzling display of colors bursting across the night sky.

  • The whole set of UV® Mirage™ Barrage Finales (complete with 307 shots!). These aren’t your typical barrage finales thanks to their unique shooting patterns, colors, and effects!

Plus, this incredible package comes with the stellar Ghost™ 3-Layer 5 Inch XL® Canister Shells. Have you ever seen a 3-layer shell? It’s so cool! These bad boys erupt in actual layers of effects that you can see as they streak across the sky. Count ‘em!

Party Package #7 comes with the biggest and baddest aerial shells: the ginormous Giant Panda™ XXL® 6 Inch Canister Shells from Temple of Heaven® that will figuratively blow your audience away! There have never been bigger shells than these and if you haven’t tried them yet, New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity!

And, as we keep mentioning, no show is complete without an awesome finale. Party Package #7 does not disappoint with the intense Red Apple® 750-Shot Special Effect Missile Barrage™ that lasts for more than 2 minutes to really leave an impression on your spectators. 

Wowzers! With these NYE Party Packages, everyone in the #pyrosquad should be prepared to have the raddest New Year’s Eve bash, yet! And don't forget to check out all the New Year's Eve specials on products throughout the store! Hurry on up and get yours before they’re all gone! 

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