How to Make Christmas Not Boring 2018

Christmas is arguably the best holiday of the year. 

It’s filled with the warm-and-fuzzies of doing good for other people and being around family you’ve spent the last eleven months avoiding while pretending you’ve just been “too busy” to see them. Everything smells like cinnamon and fir trees and you let yourself grow back into your fat clothes for an entire month, convincing yourself every day that you’ll get back to the gym in January.

Yes, Christmas can be stressful. You hang lights on the roof with frozen fingers on a rickety ladder wondering if you should’ve waited until someone else got home first. You’re trying to remember if that blender you are regifting was originally given to you by the person you are planning on giving it to. You feel bad because no one carries cash anymore and yet the Salvation Army is always outside of Target ringing their guilt-bells, forcing you to make constipated-sad faces every time you walk in and out. 

Tangled lights suck.

(We get it, dude. Untangling Christmas lights is literally the worst.)

There are always moments that make you wonder why we have to do this every year. But then the anticipated morning arrives, and everyone is all smiles and hugs. The spread rocks (except for Deborah’s weird hors d'oeuvres she makes every year that no one eats), the music is lively, the presents are plentiful (although you did forget that it was, in fact, Roger who gave you that blender two years ago and now dinner is a little awkward), and the Christmas sweaters are only making everyone just a little itchy.

Now everyone is lounging around the house with their Christmas cocktails and eggnog, feeling sleepy and too tired to wrangle their high-on-sugar offspring who are whining about their presents waiting at home. It’s a strange after-dinner lull that happens every year. 

And it’s pretty boring.


Want red and green fireworks? Red Apple's got 'em!

What’s better than driving around strange suburbs staring at other peoples’ Christmas lights? Making your own Christmas show that everyone in your neighborhood wants to watch! Nobody wants the Christmas glow to end and nobody wants to politely wait around for hours until it feels okay to sneak out. Kill two birds with one stone and make people excited to stay and finish that Christmas game strong.

Red Apple’s got you covered this holiday season with its own amazing spread of fireworks, sparklers, smoke, and more to make your party a true celebration this year. We've got some freaking awesome December sales going on in 2018, including our Extended Black Friday Specials, our Winter Holiday Specials! Plus, we will soon be announcing our #setoffthenewyear Party Packages just in time for your NYE bashes! 

Don't miss out on these specials running from December 1st - 31st!

Join Mike LIVE on Instagram on December 6th at 6:30 PM PST as he unwraps the Winter Holiday presents early! He's been waiting impatiently to open his gifts and he wants to show the Red Apple® #pyrosquad everything to look forward to this holiday season! We can't wait to see you there - be there or be a Grinch!

Oh, and we almost forgot to invite you to our Ugly Sweater Contest! Upload your favorite picture of you or you and your friends in ugly Christmas sweaters, vote on the best pic, and the winner will receive a free Red Apple® Swag Bag and a $25 gift card! Can't wait to see those ugly pics!!

Happy Holidays from the Red Apple® family with a reminder to be safe and sane this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

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