Chroma™ XL® Shells Unboxing With Doug!

Chroma™ 5" XL® Canister Shells have arrived at our warehouse in Pahrump, NV!

Check out the Chroma™ performance video here:

Luckily, Doug is at the™ showroom for an all new unboxing! Hang out with Doug as he takes a closer look at the new new effects, new artwork & much more!

Shop Chroma™ shells & have them shipped! Click here:

PLUS! If you're not 100% sure of how to use these awesome fireworks, Doug is gonna give you some awesome tips on how to have fun & be safe! Get more info & more safety tips here:

Get your hands on the blade featured in this video:

Thanks for tuning in #pyrosquad! We'll see you soon!

This content originally appeared on YouTube.

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