New and Improved Pyrostar® Chroma™ 5 Inch XL® Canister Shell Unboxing with Doug!

Hey, #Pyrosquad!

It’s time for a super-special-awesome-possum unboxing video featuring one of everyone’s favorite fireworks: The Pyrostar® Chroma™ 5 Inch XL® Canister Shells!

Pyrostar® Chroma™ 5 Inch XL® Canister Shells

Watch the video here!

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Chroma™ is an amazing canister shell, especially because of its incredibly bright neon colors, high display, very loud reports, and unique effects. Plus, with the stellar box design and shell coloring, you’ll feel like this firework was created just for you! (And in a way, it was!)

As sick as these shells are, what’s most important to all of us at Red Apple® is that our customers are exercising safety precautions before, during, and after lighting the fuse on all of our fireworks. 

Whether you’re a pyro-pro who’s been lighting off canister shells for years or a fireworks novice who’s interested in exploring all the different types of fireworks out there, the first, most important aspect of using fireworks is knowing what to do and what not to do! 

Before you tear open your Chroma™ box, make sure you’re using a ceramic blade. These are among the few non-sparking blades available (which, obviously, is important when you’re around fireworks!). We have a handy-dandy link you can click here that will take you to our favorite ceramic blade on Amazon, called Slice. Slice is not only spark-proof, it’s also finger safe! It’s the perfect firework accessory, in our humble opinion.

Slice 10515 Mini Box Cutter, Ceramic Blade Locks Into Position, Right or Left Handed Mini Cutter, Keychain Box Opener, Magnetic

Always be ready with safety materials before lighting off any firework. Keeping a working hose and a bucket of water nearby is a necessity when shooting fireworks, and it’s never a bad idea to have safety goggles and a fire extinguisher on hand, either.

Once the Chroma™ box is open and you’ve pulled all 24 canister shells out, you’ll notice that these color-coded shells each come with their own fiberglass tube. You’ll want to make sure you have a hard, flat surface on which you will place this tube before lighting the shells off. By this, we mean that you should NEVER set the fiberglass tube on grass, dirt, mud, rocks, or any uneven surface. We suggest cement or asphalt, or you can build your own platform very easily using wood or other similarly flat surfaces. (If you go this route, we suggest gluing or screwing down the tubes to ensure they don’t wobble at all during ignition.)

Continue using your ceramic blade to free the canister shells from their packaging. With the Chroma™, you’ll notice that the shells each have a unique description written on the side that explains which colors and effects to expect. The top of the shell is also defined with the word TOP so you know that end should be facing the sky when you place it into the tube. To release the fuse, hold your thumb over the end that is attached to the shell and lightly pull the other end out from the tape. 

Doug demonstrating how to effectively pull the fuse free

If you pull gently, the fuse will be free quickly and easily!

Gently place the shell into the tube (TOP side upward) so that the fuse dangles outside the end of the tube, ready to be lit! DO NOT light the fuse before the canister shell is safely inside the tube, and never light it while the shell is still in your hand! Once securely placed on your flat surface, light the fuse and run! At no point should any part of your body (face, arms, torso, butt, whatever) be anywhere near the tube once the fuse is lit!

Top of the Chroma™ canister shell

The top of each canister shell is clearly labeled.

Placing the shell in the tube is easy!

Make sure the fuse hangs out of the top of the tube!

Since almost everything inside the Chroma™ box (and the box itself) are made from recyclable materials, please do recycle everything except for the shells themselves. These should be drowned in the bucket of water for several hours before being thrown in the trash. As for the fiberglass tubes, they aren’t a traditionally recyclable material, but there are numerous plants in every state that offer fiberglass recycling. Search online to see who recycles fiberglass near you!

Safety is our number one priority at Red Apple®, and our number two priority is that you have a blast watching our fireworks during your show! With Chroma™, you can expect some truly intense neon colors, very loud effects, and high displays that will rock your world. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself!

Doug says, "Safety first!"

From all of us at Red Apple®, Stay Safe!

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