Brothers Product Dropz™ 2019

Brothers fireworks are a cornerstone to the fireworks industry. Founded in 1995, Brothers is fairly young for a pyrotechnics production company, but that hasn’t stopped them from developing more than 800 unique fireworks over the last 24 years!

This year, we’re bringing back a lot of your favorite Brothers fireworks AND bringing in Brothers fireworks that we’ve never had in stock before! 

Check out these awesome fireworks from Brothers that you can expect to see in Red Apple® stores and online at in 2019:

Bling Bling

Brothers Bling Bling

Cherry on Top

Brothers Cherry on Top


Brothers Daffodil

Fever Pitch

Brothers Fever Pitch


Brothers Floodlights

Hella Sweet

Brothers Hella Sweet


Brothers Juggernaut

Mob Madness

Brothers Mob Madness


Brothers Paydirt

The Program

Brothers The Program


Brothers Skybolt

Sky Treats

Brothers Sky Treats

Smack Dab

Brothers Smack Dab


Brothers Starkeeper

Sweet Spot

Brothers Sweet Spot

Touching the Sun

Brothers Touching the Sun

Vivid FX

Brothers Vivid FX


Brothers Wildcard

Wind Up

Brothers Wind Up


Brothers Yowza


Brothers Zonkers

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