Best Novelties of 2018

Hey, #pyrosquad!

Can you believe it’s already almost 2019??

We’ve spent the last few months preparing all sorts of new and awesome fireworks just for you guys to enjoy next year. But we definitely haven’t forgotten about how amazing our lineup was in 2018 and we want to show you guys our favorite and best-selling fireworks!

This video tells you all about the best fireworks that generally don’t get enough love compared to reloadable canister shells and 500 gram cakes. We at Red Apple® Fireworks believe that one of the best things about fireworks is the nostalgia. Most people who enjoy fireworks as adults have memories from childhood that include playing with smokes and sparklers and poppers before and during the big fireworks shows. 

Doug, Mike, and the rest of the Red Apple® team wanted to extend this nostalgia into adulthood and have spent a considerable amount of time perfecting their novelties approach rather than focusing only on cakes, shells or candles. This becomes very apparent when you take a look at some of these awesome fireworks…

...Like these crazy-cool sparklers!!

Temple of Heaven® Yin-Yang™ Sparklers

Yin-Yang™ sparklers by Temple of Heaven® are arguably the coolest sparklers on the planet. (I want to use more adjectives, but I’m going to keep calling them “cool” because they are literally so cool!) The sparkle on this guy doesn’t just go from the top to bottom - it burns down..and then it burns back up! You’re basically getting two sparklers in one, and right now these are only $4 per pack! 

Really? $4? I’m gonna go buy some right now, actually…

There are tons of really great sparklers from Red Apple®, like the Gold Sparklers:

Gold Sparklers from Red Apple®

The Color Metal Sparklers that really light up in red, green and blue!

Red Apple® Color Metal Sparklers

And the Moon Flower Sparklers that are 36 inches long! These are huge and they have tons of different colors and effects!

Red Apple® Moon Flower Sparklers 36"

Plus, with an entire line of amazing smoke products, we think we really stepped up our game in 2018! Check it out - two of our absolute favorite products from the Red Apple® 2018 lineup include the Doom™ black smoke grenade, which looks like an actual grenade! Pull the ring and watch it light itself & pour out super thick black smoke for an entire minute!

Black Smoke Grenade by Doom™

And then, to make an even bigger smoke impact, we’re busting out the XL® 4 Inch Giant Panda™ Smoke Balls in 6 different colors! These babies are full of deep, dark colors with a long duration and incredibly thick smoke!

4" XL® Smoke Balls by Giant Panda™

Who says novelties are boring??

And who says novelties are just for kids?!

Up next, we’re showcasing one of Red Apple®’s pride and joys: Snaps!

As Doug mentions in the video, most of us think of the little bulbs of tissue-paper wrapped powder that we all used to chuck at each other for laughs. Red Apple® saw those and thought, “What if we made those, but for grown ups?” So, that’s what we did!

Not only do we have the awesome Neon Tube Snaps™ that are bigger and better than the typical poppers of the past, they also flash in the colors of the tubes!

Pyrobots™ Neon Tube Snaps™

These are fun and we love them, but we kept thinking… “Are these really big enough??” 

Which brought about the invention of Sumo Snaps™!

Red Apple® Sumo Snaps™

See the box? “For Adult Use Only.” And we mean it! These are HUGE and they are literally the BIGGEST, BADDEST, BEST snaps on the entire planet! They are loud and explosive - much more so than the Neon Tube Snaps™ and especially more than the traditional snaps of the past!

Last, but certainly not least in our Best Novelties of 2018 lineup are Red Apple®’s intense Spinning Flowers™ fireworks! We’ve got three different types of Spinning Flowers™:

Red Apple® Neon Spinning Flowers™

Red Apple® Crackling Spinning Flowers™

Red Apple® Spinning Flowers™ with a Bang

Spin your flowers in neon colors, with crackling, or with a bang! We’ve taken a cutesy, fun little firework and turned it into something everyone will remember!

With novelties like this, even the most robust fireworks show will be enhanced, thanks to Red Apple®!

Stay tuned to learn more about our best fireworks of 2018. We can’t wait to show you!

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