The sales and deals in 2019 have been insane...literally! We’re the ones who come up with them and even we can’t believe how crazy they are! So, right on the heels of the BEST EVER Fireworks Festival is yet another sale that the #Pyrosquad will have to see to believe, because trust me, it is A-MAY-ZING™!

This year we’re pulling out all the stops! With more than 200 truly awesome fireworks on sale, including sick aerials, your favorite artillery shells, firecrackers, and so much more, it’s easy to see why the only word we found appropriate to call this sale was amazing! 

Starting May 17th and ending on May 31st, the A-MAY-ZING™ sale is full of some of the best and most popular items of 2019, including Shotgun Wedding from Brothers, Ganja® Killa™ 5 Inch XL® Canister Shells, and the Red Apple® Panda Box® Fireworks Sampler®. 

Brothers Shotgun Wedding

Ganja® Killa™ 5 Inch XL® Canister Shells

Red Apple® Panda Box® Fireworks Sampler®

PLUS! We’re giving you even more options to snag all your faves with some of the most inclusive COMBO CHAOS™ and B.Y.O.C.™ match-ups you’ve ever seen (Smoke-N-Mirrors and Voyager, anybody??). 

Signature Series® Smoke-N-Mirrors Signature Series® Voyager

And they’re only the tip of the iceberg, what with the A-MAY-ZING™ Memorial Day sale coming up, too! This means that on top of having one of the biggest sales of 2019, we’re adding 40+ more fireworks at crazy-low prices beginning May 24th! 

Are y’all excited yet?!

I’m getting hyped up just writing about it!

Get ready - it’s about to get A-MAY-ZING™ here at Red Apple®!

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